The Best Photography Studios In Kuala Lumpur

Taking the perfect studio photo is easier said than done. First and foremost, you’ll need to consider the cost associated with taking a professionally taken, well-edited photoshoot in a studio. Then, there’s the quality of work that you need to take into account. You know the game… pay a cheaper rate and get lousier results, that kind of thing. 

The next thing you then need to consider is picking the perfect photography studio that will make your portraits look supermodel worthy. For that, you’ll find that the professional photography market in Kuala Lumpur (KL) is well-saturated and choosing your final pick will be a daunting task in and of itself.

Fret not, for we have compiled a few recommendations based on a few criteria. Namely, the type of photography job it involves (video production, wedding photography, etc.), as well as a few others.

So without further ado, here is a list of the best photo studios in KL to take your photos and videos to the next level.

Red Studio

If you’re a food-based blogger, food TikToker, or even just passionate about food photography, you may have inevitably come across this problem: my home kitchen is insufficient for production, where do I go?

Worry not, for a kitchen studio is all you need to bring to life that next viral recipe on TikTok. In this case, Red Studio is a particularly great choice as the studio offers reasonable rental rates with more than ample kitchen facilities.

If you’re interested, head to Petaling Jaya to check out their facilities and amenities to see if it fits your needs!

Photo Studio

If you’ve been on the Google machine recently typing in the phrases “photographers near me” or “photo studio near me”, we’re happy to report that your search is finally over!

Contrary to its rather generic name, Photo Studio offers the perfect controlled environment to produce your masterpiece — whether it be videos or stills. There won’t be rain nor shine here within the comfy confines of the studio. And the noise-cancelling features that the studio operators have installed makes it so that video shoots are a breeze. Say goodbye to aeroplane noises flying overhead!

At Photo Studio, the studio rent comes at an affordable rate with state-of-the-art professional facilities that you’ll hardly find anywhere else in KL. Photo Studio also provides different types of rooms to shoot in including office, meeting, conference, boardroom, banquet, and even theatre rooms

Javier Giovanni Dreamworks

No, don’t get this name confused with the globally known animation studio for this local studio provides the best environment for creating viral marketing content. Javier Giovanni prides itself on being a professional content provider to make your brand pop out even more among the sea of similarly branded content.

Oh, and if you are indeed interested in Dreamworks animation then we’ll have you know that Javier Giovanni also provides animation services along with production and events.

Lensa Film

For a big-budget affair à la huge Hollywood films, look no further than this humongous studio located in the heart of the city.

With nearly four decades of film, TV, and video production experience, you can be sure that Lensa Film is the peak of the production industry in Malaysia. The multi-time award-winning film production company offers a slew of production facilities and equipment including a 4,875 sq ft studio, capable production assistants, and management nestled in its 69,000 sq ft five-storey building that you can find near Bangsar.

Metal Bees

While our final entry is not a traditional studio per se, it is still a highly aesthetic venue that is surely the perfect fit for any event. Whether you’re looking for a unique venue in PJ for the ultimate wedding photography session or a spacious locale for any events big or small, this converted warehouse will fulfil all your needs for event space rental.

The entire property comprises three buildings: The Raw Studio, Brick Studio, and Metal Studio.

Each of the buildings also come with a different facade and are equipped with the best of the best when it comes to sound and lights. The flexibility in dimensions of the building also allows Metal Bees to transform seamlessly from a private wedding space to a huge corporate event venue without any fuss. 

If you’re looking to turn your vision of a perfect wedding photoshoot locale into reality, then Metal Bees certainly looks like the perfect studio for you.

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